USMexPAT is an online, interactive tool that estimates the economic impacts of different policy scenarios on the U.S., Mexico and their shared border states.

Primarily designed for state and national policymakers, USMexPAT currently models the regional and national effects of changes in inputs for four policy areas: education, energy, immigration and cross-border trade.

USMexPAT also includes a Data Visualization Tool, offering a visual snapshot of existing socio-economic development and trade, including detailed graphics and renderings of current and planned commerce corridors, resources and trade flows, alongside charts and tables, to facilitate comparisons at national, state, county and municipo levels.

Developed in partnership with leading Mexican economists, USMexPAT is most helpful for high-impact organizations that must strategically choose between policies affecting entire industries or geographic regions. By providing data-based predictions of policy impact, USMexPAT can help discern which policies are most effective at generating desired results.