Hudbay Minerals

Hudbay Minerals is a Canadian mining corporation, with an interest in an open-pit mining development known as the Rosemont Project in Pima County.  The Project is one of the best delineated deposits in Arizona, with a 592 million ton ore reserve at 0.45% copper, including significant molybdenum and silver credits.  The production life of the Project is estimated at 19 years.

In March 2012, Seidman was commissioned to assess the potential economic impact of the Rosemont Project for a combined study area including Cochise, Pima, and Santa Cruz counties, and also for the State of Arizona.  A REMI economic model was used to estimate impacts.

Since that time, economic, technical and market conditions have changed for the nation and globally.  Hudbay therefore recommissioned Seidman in June 2017 to update the 2012 economic and fiscal assessment of Rosemont Mine.