AZ Investment Council

The Arizona Investment Council (AIC) seeks to establish a favorable investment climate within the state via active participation in public venues where investment in infrastructure and utilities is discussed and debated.  The organization also gives high priority to public education in the areas of utility economics, service choices, new technologies, economic and environmental regulations and policies, infrastructure requirements and consumer and investor interests.

In 2008, the AIC commissioned The Seidman Institute to examine Arizona’s infrastructure needs over the next 25 years in four core areas:

  • Energy;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Transportation; and
  • Water.

Using demographic forecast data produced by Elliott D. Pollack & Company, the Seidman Research Institute produced a 500-page report examining the impact of the creation of cutting-edge telecommunication, energy, transportation, and water and wastewater infrastructure networks upon the economic growth and prosperity of Arizona.


Project File:

Infrastructure Needs and Funding Alternatives for Arizona 2008-2032: Executive Summary (May 2008)