Other Research Reports

The Latino Population in Arizona — Growth, Characteristics, and Outlook — With a Focus on Latino Education, September 2011
Analyzes the growth of the Hispanic population in Arizona, provides a demographic profile of the state’s Hispanics, discusses immigration, reviews the educational achievement and attainment of Hispanics, and looks at the factors that will affect the growth of the Hispanic population in coming years.

Arizona’s Technology Workforce: Issues, Opportunities and Competitive Pressures, September 2011
Prepared for a number of organizations, this report summarizes the findings of a research project that analyzed the labor market for scientists and engineers in Arizona. A cornerstone of the project was the collection and analysis of primary data obtained in surveys and interviews with high-technology companies operating in the state.

Improving the Fiscal System of Arizona State Government, May 2010
Prepared for the Arizona School Boards Association, this report provides a broad background on public finance, discusses economic considerations, and concludes with specific recommendations to improve the fiscal system of Arizona state government.

Riding the Fiscal Roller Coaster: Government Revenue in Arizona , September 2009
Prepared for the Arizona Town Hall, this is the background report for the 95th Arizona Town Hall, held in November 2009.

Fiscal Alternative Choices Team (FACT) Report, April 2009
Prepared for the Arizona Board of Regents by Ted Ferris and employees of each of the state’s universities, this report offers options for balancing the state government general fund.

Economic Effect of the Statewide Ban on Smoking in Restuarants and Bars in Arizona, August 2008
Prepared for the Arizona Department of Health Services, this report assesses the effects of the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, passed by voters in November 2006 and implemented May 1, 2007.

Infrastructure Needs and Funding Alternatives for Arizona: 2008-2032, May 2008
Prepared for the Arizona Investment Council, this major report assesses the infrastructure needs and costs in Arizona for four types of infrastructure: energy, telecommunications, transportation, and water.

Changing Demographic Conditions in the Megametropolitan Area of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal Counties, May 2008
Prepared for the Central Arizona Association of Governments, this report analyzes historic growth and discusses possible growth in the future in this three-county area (but does not make projections of the population).

High-Technology Activities in Arizona: 2007 Update, January 2008
Prepared for the Arizona Department of Commerce, this report looks at Arizona’s high-tech manufacturing and services, with comparisons over time and to other states.

County Indicators for Arizona, October 2007
Prepared for the Arizona Department of Commerce, economic and demographic indicators for Arizona and each of its counties are presented on the Arizona Indicators website.

Arizona Innovation Indicators, September 2007
Prepared for the Arizona Department of Commerce, innovation indicators for Arizona are presented on the Arizona Indicators website.

A Strategic Assessment of the Economic Benefits of Investments in Research in Arizona, June 2007
Prepared for Science Foundation Arizona, a major report investigating the rationale for research investments, examining empirical evidence, conducting statistical analysis, surveying efforts in other regions.

The Number of Businesses in Arizona, June 2006
Prepared for the Arizona Department of Commerce, an estimate of the number of businesses operating in Arizona, by sector, size and county.