University Economist Reports

A selection of reports published since 2010 can be accessed below.  Additional reports are available at the Office of the University Economist website.


Job Quality in 2015 and the Change in Job Quality Between 2001 and 2015, March 2017
Examines job quality in Arizona and in subregions of the state relative to the national average. Also looks at job quality by state and for large metropolitan areas.


A Fiscal Comparison of Arizona and Utah, December 2016
This is the third paper comparing Arizona and Utah, focusing on the public finance systems of the two states. Utah’s system is considered to be one of the best in the nation.


New Population Projections for the United States, Arizona, and Arizona Counties, January 2013
Reviews population projections released in December 2012 by the U.S. Census Bureau and by the Arizona Department of Administration’s Office of Employment and Population Statistics. Compares the new projections to previously released projections.


Ensuring That Arizona State Government’s Budget Stabilization Fund Serves Its Purpose, June 2012
Simulates the functioning of the budget stabilization fund under differing specifications and presents recommendations to improve the operation of the fund.


2010 Census Results for Arizona, November 2011
Discusses the results of the 2010 decennial census for Arizona, with comparisons to the nation and other states, and for Arizona counties and places. Changes between 2000 and 2010 are included. In addition to the total population, the population living in households, and the population living in group quarters, the following topics are discussed: household type, race and ethnicity, age, housing units and vacancies, and homeownership. The data are available from two Excel files:  United States and States    Arizona Counties and Places


Creating Jobs in Arizona by Building and Renovating Physical Infrastructure, October 2011
Following an analysis of economic conditions, this paper examines actions that can be taken by state governments to stimulate the economy. The only action that results in a significant near-term effect is to accelerate spending on physical infrastructure that has already been identified as needed.


Capital Gains in Arizona and the Effect on State Government General Fund Revenues, July 2011
Reviews the cyclicality of capital gains and the impact of these fluctuations on general fund revenues. Includes a short-term forecast of capital gains.


Tax and Expenditure Limitation Proposals in Arizona, February 2011
Analyzes several proposals to create a new state government revenue or expenditure limit in Arizona, and compares the proposals to Colorado’s TABOR.


Arizona Constitution: Specified Duties of State Government, November 2010
Functions of state government that are specified in the Arizona Constitution are examined in this paper.  A decades-long history of state government funding for these functions is analyzed.  Particular attention is given to education, which is discussed in the most detail in the Constitution.


Roadmap to Arizona’s Economic Recovery: A Package to Create Jobs, Improve the State’s Economic Competitiveness, and Balance the Budget, January 2010
A plan to balance the state government’s budget in the near term and longer term, to create jobs in the near term, and to improve the state’s economic competitiveness in the longer term.


Addendum: Revenue Forecast Details, March 2010
Discusses the baseline revenue forecast used in Roadmap to Arizona’s Economic Recovery: A Package to Create Jobs, Improve the State’s Economic Competitiveness, and Balance the Budget.